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At Gotham Scenic, our team is the backbone of our creativity. Behind every awe-inspiring set, custom display, and theatrical masterpiece, you'll find the talented individuals who bring imagination to life.

Our skilled craftsmen have the innate ability to transform raw materials into breathtaking works of art that leave audiences in amazement. From meticulously handcrafting intricate props to welding together metal structures that seem to defy gravity, our team members are heroes of the entertainment and experiential marketing worlds.

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Saw blade


From the ordinary to the intricate, the mundane to the extraordinary, our experienced staff is here to help. Whether you require a simple flat or a complex environment, rely on Gotham to make it happen


Make an impact. Let Gotham expertly outfit your set with spectacular custom lights and electrics.

Cable spools
Welding angle brackets


Talk to our team and let us make your concept a reality. With full metal fabrication capabilities, Gotham is equipped to create aluminum and steel structures to fit any need.


Come to us with your custom routing jobs. Signs, cut outs and just about anything else you can imagine, the possibilities are boundless. Our experienced operators can help you transform your designs into precision-cut masterpieces.

CNC cut gears
Gotham Employee Painting


We employ a host of outrageously talented artists capable of altering any surface to mirror your vision.


Everything is built. It's gorgeous, it's perfect, it's . . . not where you need it to be. Now what? Leave the logistics to us. Gotham can safely and quickly transport and install your items for you.

Gotham Truck park in truck bay
Storage racks at Gotham Scenic


Your production is done? No problem. Let Gotham store your scenery, big or small, for future use or alteration.

Give us a call 201-868-1007

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